Black Clover season 5 has to be one of the most sought-after anime sequels of all time. While there is little information available about it officially, here’s everything we do know.

The Black Clover movie is set to come out this year. But when will the anime return? Continue reading as we unpack everything we know so far.

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In 2021, Studio Perriot announced that Black Clover will not return for a Season 5. Many anime fans consider Studio Pierrot’s cancellation of the Black Clover television anime series to be one of the most unfortunate ones in recent memory. The series aired 170 episodes and four seasons when the anime abruptly ended. Fans were especially worried because the 2004 anime Bleach, had suddenly gone on hiatus and didn’t return until several years later. Consequently, fans have been incessantly asking when Black Clover will return, but the answer is not as straightforward as they hoped.

Is Black Clover Season5 coming back soon? More info bout the series.
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Why did Black Clover get canceled?

Actually, the anime hasn’t been canceled. It is on an indefinite hiatus. The reason for this is that the anime got too close to the manga. There wasn’t enough manga to cover. When the series went on a break, the difference between the anime and the manga was only 15 chapters. Instead of going for filler arcs, the studio opted to wait. This is similar, but not exactly the same, to how Attack on Titan anime took a significant break after season 1. Once there is enough space between the manga and the anime, it makes it easier for the animation studio to put out content without any breaks. We’re only guessing that this is the reasoning by Studio Perriot as well.

When will Black Clover Season 5 be released?

While there hasn’t been any official news regarding the anime, a Black Clover movie will be released this year. The manga, written by Yūki Tabata, is in its final arc. The anime might be picked up again after the manga concludes. So we might not see the return of the anime anytime this year. It would be more realistic to expect the series to return in the Fall 2024 season, as this would allow Studio Pierrot sufficient time to give the series the adaptation it deserves. Given the series’ immense popularity in Shueisha’s shonen catalog, fans rightfully deserve a high-quality adaptation.

When will Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King release?

Is Black Clover Season 5 coming soon
Black Clover Movie will release on 16 June 2023. | ©Netflix/Studio Perriot

The Black Clover movie titled, Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King, will release on 16 June 2023. The movie will release in Japanese theatres and on Netflix, internationally. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 was a major success for the anime industry and we might see the same with Sword of the Wizard King. The Creator of the manga, Yūki Tabata, is supervising the movie. He had earlier revealed that the plot of the movie will be non-canon. Fans will be able to enjoy the movie regardless of its importance to the manga’s plot.

Watch the Trailer of  Sword of the Wizard King