btc to usd bitcoin price analysis prediction 17 april 2019

Those investing in Bitcoin for some time now are aware that the markets go through a lot of ups and downs before a bull-run finally sets in. BTC to USD price has gone through a lot of ups and downs but now the time has come that a bull run is about to set in. The latest Bitcoin price analysis indicates that the BTC/USD pair will soon cross $10,000.

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Bitcoin price analysis 17 april 2019
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Let us take a closer look at where Bitcoin stands right now and where the graph is eventually heading towards.

BTC to USD: The Current Position

As of this writing, Bitcoin price stands in at $5,243. However, looking at the week-long picture, we can see that the price is rather stable. $5421 was the highest point of the week while $4959 was the lowest. Nevertheless, the BTC/USD pair held a median price of $5120 throughout the week.

btc to usd price 17 april 2019
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The growth has been rather strong, especially when one looks at the larger picture. A month ago, Bitcoin price stood at $4,011. From there, it has been a growth of $1,000 – a 25% jump in just one month.

BTC to USD: Bitcoin Price Analysis Points at $10,000

The BTC/USD pair is likely to continue growing in a similar pattern. A long term period of stable growth with a sudden and sharp rise. The next jump is likely to take Bitcoin beyond $6500, from where it will head to $8,000 and eventually $10,000.

btc to usd price growth bitcoin price prediction
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These numbers are based on the trend of growth that BTC to USD price has shown over the past month. This is indeed a great time to invest.