Bitcoin price analysis BTC USD pair

After a prolonged ‘crypto winter’, it appears that Bitcoin investors finally have something to look forward to. Bitcoin price has been on a rise over the past month – and things took an unexpected turn as a sudden boom brought the BTC price beyond $5000.

As of this writing, the $BTC/USD pair stands at $5032.64 – a clear bullish momentum forming. Let us take a closer look at Bitcoin price and see how it has been moving so far and where it is headed next:

Bitcoin price growth $5000
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Bitcoin Price Analysis: How BTC/USD Stands As of Now

Over the past week, the BTC/USD price has surged close t0 25% – the currency went from $4065 earlier in the week to $5032 today. However, mid-week, it hit a high of $5,303.  This is a huge surge compared to how slow and stable the markets had become over the past month.

All through March, the price had remained fairly stable between $3500-$4000, with the $4000 price point having a strong resistance. However, after crossing the $4000 mark, BTC price surged rapidly to hit $5000 and go beyond it.

Bitcoin Price Analysis March April 2019
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$5000 Crossed: What’s Next for Bitcoin Price?

After going past $5000 – Bitcoin’s price momentum is likely to increase. A bullish market attracts more bulls: as investors begin to believe that a fast-growing market will continue to grow endlessly. Given that $5000 was a critical point of growth in the last major bull-run, we expect more investors to jump in on the Bitcoin Bandwagon.

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis BTC Price
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Beyond this, the Bitcoin price is likely to continue surging, albeit slowly, for at least the next four to seven days – perhaps even going beyond $6,000.