Planning to buy a new smartphone? Sometimes, the cost of a phone can be quite overwhelming – especially if you have to pay the entire amount in one go. Carrier deals are often a good option. This is because you get either huge discounts or sometimes Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals. Often, Verizon smartphone deals are some of the best such offers that you can avail.

Let us take a closer look at the Best Verizon smartphone deals that you can get!

Verizon Smartphone Deals Samsung Galaxy S10
Image TechRadar

Verizon Smartphone Deal: BOGO on Samsung Galaxy S10!

One of the hottest Verizon smartphone deals right now is a Buy One Get One free offer! With this deal, you can get a free Samsung Galaxy S10e when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB) smartphone. The Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s latest flagship device.

Originally, the phone costs $899 ($750 for the S10e). However, this Verizon deal allows you to get the S10e free of cost! All you have to do is to purchase the Galaxy S10 and pay for it over 24 months. A $30 upfront payment, along with $112.49 per month. There’s also a $5 Auto-Pay discount.

In case you don’t want the S10e, you can actually get $750 off another smartphone! Users will also get free Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless earphones. This is indeed one of the best Verizon smartphone deals for those looking to buy a new phone.

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$300 off on iPhone XR: Verizon Smartphone Deals

Verizon Smartphone Deals Apple iPhone XR
Image Appleinsider

Another of the amazing Verizon smartphone deals that you can grab offers you a hefty discount on the iPhone XR. All you need to do to avail this deal is to switch to Verizon and trade-in your existing smartphone for the iPhone XR. You can get up to $300 off on the phone!

In addition to getting the $300 off on iPhone XR, this Verizon deal also gives you unlimited data! This deal also allows you the option of a monthly payment where you pay $30 upfront and then $106.24 per month.

$300 Off on Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Verizon Smartphone Deals Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Image CNBC

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Note 9 are the company’s 2018 flagship devices. Both these phones continue to be among the finest smartphones in the markets. One of the best Verizon smartphone deals gives you $300 off on either of the two smartphones! All you need to do to avail this offer is trade-in your existing smartphone to get up to $300 off!

Moreover, you can also pay $30 upfront and then pay $108.33 per month for 24 months. This offer also gives you unlimited data. An additional discount of $5 is applicable for customers who choose to pay via auto-pay. This is one of the best Verizon smartphone deals you can get!

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Verizon Smartphone Deals: 50% Off LG G7 ThinQ

Verizon Smartphone Deals LG G7 ThinQ
Image IndiaToday

LG’s G7 ThinQ smartphone came out last year. However, it continues to be among the most dominant and popular devices in the markets. One of the most amazing Verizon smartphone deals offers 50% off on the LG G7 ThinQ smartphone. In addition to that, if you trade-in an existing device, you can get another $300 off the phone!

This deal can be availed in 24-month instalments where you pay $90.63 per month. A payment of $30 needs to be done upfront.