AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Sprint vs Verizon speedtest 4G LTE

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon, aka the big four of the US telecom industry, have been in constant competition for decades now. However, thanks to a new speed test report by Ookla, we finally have an answer to the age old question – who has the fastest 4G LTE?

AT&T has won the top spot for the fastest 4G LTE network in a new test by Ookla. The website provides a free critique of various internet metrics, such as connection data rate, data speeds for mobile and broadband networks and latency.

Recently they published a report weighing the four major US carriers with respect to their data speeds. The report was based on a sample of 5 million 4G network speed tests run with Ookla’s app on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon network.

So what does the Ookla report show?

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As far as results are concerned, the mobile network with the highest mean download speed and claiming the first spot (for Q1) was AT&T, the American conglomerate gave 34.65 Mbps of data speeds to its users.

T-Mobile came very close to the first spot but rolled to a close second with a mean download speed of 34.11 Mbps, whereas, Verizon finished third at 33.07 Mbps and Sprint came last with 31.21 Mbps of data download speed.

Claiming the first spot( for Q1 )was AT&T

So from the above results, it becomes very clear that AT&T is the frontrunner in terms of 4F LTE data speeds, at least in the US.

According to the Ookla report, there was a sudden spike in data speeds for AT&T’s network in the final week of Q1. This was due to the rollout of iOS 12.2 and the release of AT&T’s 5G E icon.

As iPhone customers got the new iOS update and the new 5G icon they all did speed tests to see what sort of speeds they were landing, this surged AT&T’s numbers up for the final week of Q1.

Advancing to the Android side of things, here too AT&T managed to keep things in their favour. For example, Considering the Samsung Galaxy S9 device, a very popular Android phone, we realize that AT&T gave mean download speed of 44.90 Mbps(Q1)

AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Sprint vs Verizon speedtest 5G LTE

The data released by the Ookla also reflect that a staggering 70% of devices running iOS are backed by AT&T network followed by 62% on Verizon and 49% on T-Mobile.

So yes, the report does mark the AT&T network as the best in terms of 4G LTE data speed but the carrier is ever so slightly faster than its rivals.