Verizon 5G Speed Test Results Out

Verizon 5G network has begun to roll out – but it is limited only to a few cities as of now. This adds to the intrigue about this gen-next network. People from across the world have their eyes on the Verizon 5G Speed Test results to know the potential of the 5G tech.

Let us take a closer look at the results that these Verizon 5G Speed Test results have shown and what kind of speeds will you get on a 5G network.

Verizon 5G Speed Test Results Fast
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Verizon 5G Speed Test Results: How Fast is 5G?

A number of users of Verizon 5G have already taken the speed test – getting results showing speeds as fast as 762 Mbps. Verizon spokesperson David Weissman shared the results of the Verizon 5G speed test on Twitter, showing 762.31 Mbps while standing outside the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Verizon 5G Speed Test Results Internet Speed
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Chris Velazco of Engadget recorded a speed of 592 Mbps and 550 Mbps in two separate tests (while not as high as 760 Mbps but still a lot). He compared it with the 4G speeds on the same spot, getting 170 Mbps. CNet’s Jessica Dolcourt too did a Verizon 5G Speed Test, finishing at 634Mbps.

Verizon 5G Speed Test: Verizon Claims Average Speed of 450 Mbps 

Verizon has claimed that Verizon 5G users will get an average speed of 450 Mbps. All the aforementioned Verizon 5G Speed Tests have easily surpassed that number.

Verizon 5G Speed Test Results
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However, users of Verizon 5G must keep in mind that these are the early days of the 5G tech where only a few people have devices which can make use of this technology. Once more people get 5G devices the network is likely to get congested and the speeds are likely to fall.