Asphalt 8 Xbox Live Network

A few weeks ago a report suggested that one of your favorite game from Android and iOS, Asphalt might be coming to Xbox Live.

Gameloft has announced that Xbox Live will be coming to selected mobile games. Starting with the highly popular racing franchise Asphalt.

Microsoft had been mulling over the idea of bringing Xbox Live to mobile developers. A leak on the Game Developers Conference in February indicated that the cross-platform SDK for the Xbox Live is in the work.

Asphalt 8 Xbox Live

In March 2019 Microsoft Cloud Gaming Chief Kareem Choudry officially confirmed the news and announced the Software Development Kit for Xbox Live.

What is Xbox Live?

Xbox Live is the online multiplayer gaming digital media delivery service of Microsoft.

Xbox Live and Gameloft

CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella took to stage at Build 2019 conference in Seattle and made the announcement about the partnership with Gameloft.

Chief Operating Officer of Gameloft later said that the studio is thrilled to partner up with Microsoft. With this, they would bring the Gameloft’s flagship games to Xbox Live Network.

Gameloft Xbox Live

He also said that the studio would continue to bring more titles to the Xbox Live. This would allow gamers can enjoy the Xbox Live experience seamlessly.

Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt 9: Legends on Xbox Live

This team up means that Gameloft can integrate things like achievements and leaderboards.

Gameloft would initially launch it popular free to play racing franchise Asphalt on the Xbox Live Network. The titles from the racing franchise are Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt 9: Legends.

Gameloft also confirmed that it turn-based game called Dragon Mania Legends will be coming to the Xbox Live Network.

There is no clear indication about the launch date of these titles but expect them to hit the network in 2020.