Gamers around the world are asking each other: Is XBOX Live Down? This is a haunting question, especially for those gamers who prefer online gaming. The popular gaming service is down – which means that gamers are unable to play multiplayer games!

Let us take closer look and explore why is XBOX Live down. We also take a look at the problems that XBOX gamers are facing and the games which are the worst affected by this downtime.

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XBOX Live Down: Multiplayer Games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends Affected

Fortnite and Apex Legends are two of the most popular multiplayer online games. Millions of XBOX users from around the world play these games online with their friends. Considering that XBOX Live is down, these gamers are pretty pissed! Here’s a look at what these upset gamers are tweeting:

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@imSrslySerious tweeted: Is Xbox Live down or is something up with my account? I get: “The current profile is not allowed to play on Xbox Live”. It’s the only account on the Xbox, it’s not restricted, and I’ve not cheated or done/said anything rude (can’t talk to people anyway).

‏@shakingtiff tweeted: is xbox live down for good tonight? @XboxSupport

@kit__schmidt tweeted: Is Xbox live down or am I banned

@Golden_Modz tweeted: Is xbox live down for you guys too. Like i can log in on the dashboard but any time i go to an online game it signs me out

Why Is XBOX Live Down? 

is xbox live down fortnite and apex legends affected
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XBOX Live is a robust platform. Given that millions of gamers are dependent upon the service to connect with each other and to play games online, Microsoft ensures it remains up at all times. However, downtimes on XBOX Live are not unheard of.

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In the past, some hackers have managed to break through the servers and slow down the XBOX Live services. Sometimes, they even caused the servers to go down. However, as to why is XBOX Live down today, it appears that this is just because of a heavy load on the XBOX servers!