Arrow is on its episode 20 of season 7. The twists and turns are keeping us on the edge of our seat. The latest reveal showed Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, accused as the primary suspect in a series of murders that quaked the city.

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Arrow season 7 episode 20: Oliver accused of serial killings

Arrow Season 7: Oliver accused of serial killingsNow that’s what we call an intriguing twist and engaging the audience! It will be interesting to see how Oliver’s friends end up saving him from being convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.

To get to the root cause of the issue, Dinah, played by Juliana Harkavy, seeks help from an old acquaintance. Roy Harper, played by Colton Haynes, has also decided to come back to the present and lead the Arsenal.

The new episode of Arrow Season 7 will be quite similar in its style to what we see in crime shows. Our heroes will have to figure out how to stop the Ninth Circle from creating more harm. Investigated by City Police, they naturally do not look too happy about it.

Roy returns, Diggle is Green Lantern

Arrow Season 7: What will happen next?With Roy’s return to the present, fans are also expecting to clear up some doubts about his past when he travelled 20 years into the future at the beginning of this season.

We will also get to know more about Roy’s relationship with Thea in Arrow season 7 episode 20. Other developments will include John Diggle’s reveal as Green Lantern and his association with the Stewart family.

Catch Arrow Season 7 episode 20 on The CW at 9 pm on Monday.