Watch Arrow Season 7 Episode 15 Trailer

Emerald Archer’s Arrow Season 7 has been a successful season till now. And there has been a lot of action packed episodes. Today we shall discuss the upcoming events of the next episode of Arrow Season 7.

Watch Arrow Season 7 Episode 15 Trailer

What has happened in Arrow Season 7 till now?

Till now, there have been many flash forwards into the future after 20 years. We finally learnt that Blackstar’s real name is Mia Smoak. Which means that she is the daughter of Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen.

This week’s episode gave us a little more information about her backdrop too. She started getting to know William a little bit better. She also discovered that her half brother, Emiko Queen tried to solve the problems between Oliver and her.

But, she was not the only one to discover that. This episode of Arrow Season 7 revealed that Emiko was working with Dante. Also, Ricardo Diaz is possibly dead by now because of an unknown assailant. This was completely unexpected and now fans are left with many questions. To find a few answers, check out the trailer of the new episode below.


Arrow Season 7 Episode 15 Details

The upcoming episode is named ‘Training Day’. The trailer of episode 15 shows the focus on vigilantes Oliver and Rene training with the SCPD and becoming a part of the law enforcement.

Obviously, this will lead to a lot of conflict between the SCPD officers and Team Arrow. So, the question is if the SCPD Captain Dinah Drake will be able to bring the two teams together. Also, her life changing injury might get the best of her.

So, some major developments are in line for the characters of Arrow Season 7. Arrow Season 7 Episode 15 will air on 11 March 2019 at 8:00 PM. Watch it on The CW.

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