Apple has big plans of disrupting the wearable products market, and the company’s newest wearable product, the Apple Watch Series 5, will help the company take a big step forward in this market.

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Apple Watch Series 5 will come with WatchOS 6

Apple Watch series 5 WatchOS 6

Apple’s focus is supposed to shift towards health to compete with the established brands in this field. The new Series 5 watch is expected to incorporate various new health functions, beyond the existing heart rate monitor and ECG. Some of these new functions include blood pressure monitoring, sleep tracking, and even blood sugar level monitoring.

Of course, to reliably perform all these new functions, Apple needs a powerful and robust OS backing the watch. And reports suggest the new Apple WatchOS 6 might be that dominant OS to support these new health features.  This new WatchOS 6 is expected to see the light of the day at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June this year.

Apple Watch Series 5 update WatchOS 6 release date WWDC 2019

It will only be available in beta form in the beginning. The final, stable version could launch in Fall, and perhaps the launch will coincide with that of the Apple Watch Series 5.

The significance of the new OS cannot be understated. According to Forbes, it would make the smartwatch independent from the iPhone ecosystem. It would even have a separate Apple Store, where even apps not on the iPhone can be downloaded.

This is huge news, as this propels the smartwatch as an independent product. Hence, customers looking to take advantage of the new health features can do so without worrying about owning an iPhone.

Apart from the provisions mentioned above, the new OS will allow sleep tracking as well. And there are special provisions for female users, in the form of period tracking and tracking of fertility pills. Since these new features come from the new OS, they will be available on all Apple Watches apart from Series 1.

Apple Watch Series 5 update WatchOS

The new OS could also introduce Apple Books in the smartwatch. Of course, not to read, but to listen to audiobooks. New watch faces will be made available, with exciting new designs and customizations.

We are still a few weeks away from the Apple WatchOS6 release, but if the rumored features are anything to go by, we are in for a treat!