The upcoming Apple Watch Series 5 has garnered a lot of attention for its futuristic designs and functionality. This smart watch is rumored to have an array of sensors that would turn it into a sci-fi tool on the wrist.

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These sensors add a plethora of features to the Watch which turns it into a gadget from the future.

The current Apple Watch Series 5 sports a sensor for ECG which turn a device used for checking messages into a continuous heart monitoring tool.

Design and Features of Apple Watch Series 5

The next iteration of the Apple Watch is expected to keep the design of older Apple Watch 4. The Apple Watch Series 5 will retain its traditional square design with a smaller footprint.

The new iteration of Apple Watch will sport an S5 SOC with the latest version of watchOS. The Watch will also have 16 gigabytes of storage.

Watch 5

It will pack some revolutionary features that might turn into a gadget from a sci-fi movie. It will also have a glucose meter which detects the blood sugar level.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple has recently acquired Beddit to improve the sleep tracking technology embedded in the Apple Watch. Beddit is a Finnish startup that specialises in sleep tracking technology.

Launch Date and Pricing

The rumoured launch date is in September this year. The pricing of this new launch can vary depending upon the variant you choose. We also expect a minor bump in pricing considering the new tech that Apple will incorporate in the new Watch 5.

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The 40 mm version is believed to cost £399. Whereas the price of the variant with 4G connectivity will carry a price tag of £429.