Apple rules the current Smartwatch industry with more than half of total watches being an Apple Product. Unlike the iPhones, Apple plays safe with the Smartwatch and rarely makes any large changes.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch and Fitbit’s Versa are giving a tough competition to Apple’s Watch Series. To win the Smartwatch war, Apple is planning to launch Apple’s Watch Series 5 later this year.

What is Apple Watch Series?

Apple Watch Series

Apple Watch is Smartwatch designed by Apple Inc having iPhone integration and tracking capabilities. It became the best selling wearable device after its release in 2014. Apple started launching Smartwatches every year referred to as Apple Watch Series.

The latest product Apple Watch Series 4 was released last September and was a huge hit. Now there are rumors for Watch Series 5 to enter the market in the next few months. In order to win the Smartwatch race, Watch Series 5 needs to have several new improved features.

1. Improved Battery-Life

Apple Watch Series 5 Increased battery life

The biggest issue users had with previous version was a short battery life of just 2 days. While Samsung claims to have a battery life up to 4 days, Apple definitely needs to increase it to 4-5 days.

2. Slimmer Design

Apple Watch Series 5 Slim Design

Fitbit Smartwatches are incredibly slim and they feel like more of a band and less of a watch. Apple needs to improve the design to a smaller and comfortable shape.

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3. Always on Display

Apple Watch Series 5 Always on Display

The biggest gripe Apple watch users have is that they have to always press a button or tap screen to enable display. Always on Display would eat more battery, and that is a challenged Apple has to overcome.

4. Face Sensor

Apple Watch Series 5 Face Sensor

Imagine if your Smartwatch can be unlocked with a glimpse of your face. An inbuilt face sensor can totally change the game for Apple Smartwatch.

5. Sleep Tracking

Apple Watch Series 5 Sleep Tracking

While Samsung and Fitbit already provide accurate Sleep Tracking, Apple Watch is nowhere close to it. Apple needs to improve its sleep tracking along with updated REM cycle count.

6. Health Management

Apple Watch Series 5

There have been reports that Apple has been working with a group of Doctors and Physicians on a secret project. If this true and Apple is trying to make an all-in-one Health Management App, it could be a game changer.

7. Customized Watch Faces

Apple Watch Series 5 customized faces

Apple Watch Series introduced the concept of different Watch faces to change how the clock looked. If they can add a Feature or App which enables a user to make custom faces, Watch Series 5 could easily become the best Apple product.

Price and Release Date

Apple Watch Series 5 Price

The price of Apple Watch Series 5 is estimated around to be $699. It will be increased by a considerable margin over the previous models in the watch series. The new features will hopefully make it worth the extra bucks spent.

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There is no official release date, but similar to the previous year, Series 5 watch will be launched along with the unveiling of the new iPhone.

The launch event is scheduled in the second week of September 2019.

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