We expected Apple to tease the next generation of its popular smartwatch, Apple Watch 5 at WWDC 2019, but it didn’t happen.

However, this hasn’t stopped Apple blogosphere from speculating about the feature sets of Apple Watch 5.

A camera on your next Apple Watch 5?

One of the biggest claims is the addition of a camera module in Watch 5.

As per the reports of CNET, a patent filing was discovered which showcases an Apple watch sporting a camera above the watch face.

Even though the addition of camera module to Apple Watch has been rumored in the past, this is the first time we got a look at the possible implementation.

Apple Watch 5 patent

As explained in the patent filing, the camera unit is made up of point-and-shoot dual sensors that are placed on the front and back of the band for 360 views.

The band is believed to be made up of a malleable metal which can be easily adjusted so that users don’t have to twist their wrist.

The patent further explains that users can snap a photo by pressing a button on the button followed by a pinch on the band.

What to expect from Apple Watch 5?

Firstly if we get the cameras on the Watch 5, then expect support for FaceTime on the watch.

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The second biggest highlight of Apple Watch 5 would be its health features. It is rumoured to sport an improved ECG alongside a glucose meter and a more advanced sleep tracking.

Apple Watch 5 Heart Rate Moniter

We expect to see a powerful and enhanced Cycle app that allowed women to track their menstrual cycle.

About hardware, the next watch will use S5 SOC that will improve the performance significantly. It is obvious that Apple Watch 5 will ship with the latest watchOS 6

Price and Release Date

Apple Watch 5 to have a camera with Face Time

The smaller edition of the watch is likely to cost £399 while the price will jump to £429 for the bigger one with 4G support.

Apple is likely to release Watch 5 in September in 2019.