The latest Apple iOS 12.2 update brings bad news for Jailbreak iPhone users.

Apple released the first beta for iOS 12.2 update  more than two months ago and the update is still in the distribution phase. Along with support for AirPods 2 and new Apple News+, it introduced a lot of cool features.

Still, some of the users are not satisfied and want to break the limits set by Apple. The iPhone users are trying to Jailbreak the new device, but this time it seems the Tech giant has got the upper hand.

Apple iOS 12.2 update is impossible to Jailbreak

iOS 12.2 is harder to Jailbreak

Apple has set strict App Store guidelines, which prevents users from installing Apps from unverified sources. Also, many users want to customize the UI  of their iPhones. The only way to unlock such features is to Jailbreak their Apple device.

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With the recent Apple iOS 12.2 update, the users who have updated their phones are unable to Jailbreak it. Apple has added improved security features, which has made it almost impossible to Jailbreak the latest iPhone.

Tech Experts have also failed

Experts are also unable to Jailbreak iOS 12.2

There is always a tech war going between Apple Security developers and hacking experts. It seems that Apple is going to win this time. Even the Experts of Jailbreak communities are having a hard time to dismantle the security of iOS 12.2 update.

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Popular Jailbreak developer Pwn20wnd has advised user not to update their iPhone to iOS 12.2. According to him, the latest iOS update will not be Jailbroken for a very long time. Hackers will have a really hard time to Jailbreak iOS 12.22 in the future also.

Will Future iPhones be Jailbreak Proof?

Future Jailbreak Proof iPhones

The question now remains is that have Apple perfected their technology? Will the future generation iPhones will be Jailbreak proof? Tech experts all over the world are working hard and some are even close to Jailbreak iOS 12.2 iPhone.

Apple will make more security updates, hackers will find different ways to overcome it. Our advice to users is to avoid Jailbreak and follow security guidelines to keep your iPhone safe. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Apple iOS 12.2 Updates and other news.