iOS12 Jailbreak news

Apple recently released it’s latest iOS 12.2 update for iPhone and iPad devices. The next update won’t be released until September, so users have no other options rather than using iOS 12.2.

While many people use Apple’s recommended settings, other’s are not satisfied and try to Jailbreak their Apple devices. Jailbreak allows a lot of new features, but also makes our phones vulnerable to threats. This time hackers are having a hard time to Jailbreak the latest iOS update.

Why do people Jailbreak their devices?

Why do people Jailbreak devices

iOS Jailbreak means using a series of kernel patches to provide root access. We can then install software which are not available in the Apple Store.

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Apple has banned many apps due to security and other reasons. Jailbreak is used to overcome the censorship imposed by the Apple company. The largest reason to do Jailbreak is unlocking carrier locked phones.

Users install these programs to provide extensions and customizations called tweaks. It makes using the device easier by providing access to the files system and command-line tools.

iOS 12.2 update Jailbreak Status

Jailbreak Status iOS 12.2

Apple’s iOS 12.2 update is giving a tough time to hackers. A Popular lead developer pwn20wnd tried to Jailbreak iOS 12.2 update and advised people to avoid upgrading their devices.

[blockquote footer=”pwn20wnd on twitter”]iOS 12.0 – 12.1.2 may be the last jailbreakable iOS versions for a very long time. we had really hard time jailbreaking iOS 12.2. please stay on iOS 12.0 – 12.1.2.[/blockquote]

Apple spends a lot of money in R&D, Software Engineers works very hard for the security of new updates. Those updates are tested by a team of developers and registered testers for a long time. They are available to the public only when Apple feels updates are stable and secure.

Future iOS Jailbreak possibilities?

iOS Jailbreak future

What does that mean for the future of Jailbreaking? Will the next series of iOS updates will be Jailbreak proof? Nothing is sure in the technical world, each day hackers are working on finding new ways to hack the phones.

The phone makers are making devices more and more secure. The fight between developers and hackers will always be continued. Users should try to avoid doing Jailbreak for their phones.

It makes our devices vulnerable to viruses and other threats. Also, the warranty provided by the manufacturers is terminated after Jailbreak. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Apple updates and other news.