Apex Legends Game

Apex Legends, the latest Battle Royale from EA Games is taking top charts in the gaming world. It has already crossed 50 million players and adding many more each day. Fans all over the world were waiting eagerly for Updates.

Players and game reviewing sites have declared Apex Legends much better than Fortnite and PUBG. Specially built for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox, it has much better graphics and game-play.

Apex Legends update 1.1 added a lot of features along with some bugs and errors. Due to increasing complaints from users, EA rolled out an Over-The-Air patch for version 1.1 to fix the issues.

Apex Legends Update: What’s New?

Apex legends new update

Apex Legends version 1.1 has added a new feature where you can invite a player from previous matches. Recent player name list appears on the left side of the lobby after the current game ends. The ability to mute other players is also enabled.

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One of the biggest problem for Apex Legends was the increase in the number of cheaters and hackers. Now there is a Report Player option on PC and illegal activities and Cheaters are getting permanent Hardware Banned.

EA Teasing new features by mistake

Apex Legends update New future tease

Respawn Entertainment accidentally introduced the leaving early penalty feature with the current update. Players are forced for a 5-minute timeout for every third match they left earlier. It also includes knocked out players who have returned to lobby.

While the Fan-base has been divided on this feature, the officials issued a statement on Reddit that it happened because of a mistake in the game script. They quickly removed the new feature and apologized for the same.

There have been huge demands from Fan for such a feature, as they can kill the waiting time, before rejoining their team in next match. The feature will be released in future Apex Legends Update

Apex Legends Update is Fixing Bugs

Apex Legends update Bug Fixes

There has been another issue which was a big problem for the players. Certain players were losing all their account progress and were reset to Level 1. Even the cosmetics and currencies earned were set to zero.

Respawn immediately rolled out a patch note, which has fixed the issue. Since this, there are no reports of this bug and players have recovered their lost progress and items.

Apex Legends: Future Updates

Future updates

There have been reports that Apex Legends Season 2 will start in the middle of the year. Speculations have put each Season length to be around three months, which makes the first Season to end in June.

Apex Legends makers have confirmed that an iOS and Android version of the game will be released this year. There is no official update on the release date, but it will be around September and November. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Apex Legends Updates and other news.