Apex Legends Mobile Rumors

Apex Legends mobile isn’t even close to being unveiled officially, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a rough idea of how the game would look on an iPhone.

Even though Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile and Battlefield have made rounds in the rumor mill but we have already got a way to run the latest entry in the battle royal, Apex Legends Mobile.

The newest run and gun type title from Redspawn Entertainment, Apex Legends can now be played on mobile specifically iOS for now.

The head of User Experience Department for Battlefield 5 at Dice has tweeted a short video on his official handle. The tweet came on the morning of March 10.

The video featured a full-blown Battlefield running on the Apple device.

How to play Apex Legends on Mobile?

Sony recently surprised its fans when the latest firmware update for PS4 beta bought the support of Remote play.

Remote Play functionality brings the ability to play games on your phone.
It should be noted that remote play is currently only available on iOS.

How does this work?

Apex Legends Mobile

The iPhone utilizes the feature supported by PS4 which is Remote Play.

The Remote Play uses the network to stream and interact with the game on your phone.
Essentially all the processing is done on the PS4 end and interaction takes place through the phone.

It should be noted that this works best when your PS4 and iPhone are on the same home network or you have a very high bandwidth connection available both for your iPhone and PS4.

If this is the case that every game available in the PS4 library that supports Remote Play will run on your phone.

Limitations of Apex Legends and other games on a phone

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date

Remote Play is good when you are playing games with minimal controls

However, in the case of Apex Legend and Battlefield, the amount of controls required is huge.

Since the phone uses touch overlays for mapping control half of the screen is occupied by control and combined with latency that comes with wifi network the experience can be more or less cumbersome.

Apex Legends on Mobile

There is no clear indication when the Apex Legends port is going to launch for mobile but EA has hinted that it might be in the works.