AEW All Out CM Punk

AEW All Out is just around the corner! Happening this weekend, the show is exciting not just in terms of the matches it features and the storylines that will evolve heading into the first TV episode of the show in October, there’s also the possibility of a CM Punk Return which is quite exciting!

AEW All Out Cody Rhodes
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The second city savior has been away from the action for quite a long while, apart from that one masked appearance he made for a small promotion earlier this year. Could he possibly be planning to return to wrestling at AEW All Out?

AEW All Out: Is CM Punk Returning?

Rumors of a Punk return have been rampant for quite some time now. The voice of the voiceless has indicated that there were negotiations but they have fallen through. Nevertheless, we believe everything showing animosity between Punk and AEW is just a Red Herring so that his debut would be a big surprise.

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CM Punk’s “Summer of Punk” in 2011 was one of the hottest wrestling angles ever and people remember everything even after eight years. Punk continues to be a hot favorite, and considering All Out is happening in Chicago, CM “Chicago Made” Punk is almost certain to debut.

Matches to Watch Out for at All Out

AEW All Out Chris Jericho
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While Punk’s debut is something we look out for, Chris Jericho vs Hangman Page, along with Kenny Omega vs PAC are two key matches to watch out for. There’s also the match between Cody Rhodes and Shawn Spears which will be quite interesting! The show is packed with a number of “indie darlings” and fans of good-old-fashioned ‘rasslin’ will certainly enjoy this.