Vince McMahon WWE vs AEW

When AEW announced that their show was going to air on Wednesday nights, it appeared that they had decided to play it safe because WWE’s shows air on Monday Nights and Tuesday Nights (with Tuesday Night SmackDown Live soon to be moved to Friday Nights on Fox). However, WWE has raised the stakes by announcing that WWE NXT will now air on Wednesday Nights on the USA Network!

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This has started off the WWE vs AEW ‘Wednesday Night Wars’ where NXT will be in direct competition with AEW.

NXT Leads the WWE vs AEW Wednesday Night War

WWE vs AEW was in the making for quite a long time but it has been made formal now. While NXT will make its debut on the 17th of September, AEW’s Wednesday Night Dynamite will start off on 2nd October. This gives WWE enough of an edge to build an audience before AEW’s debut.

WWE NXT on Wednesday Night

This is a move that many has seen as a rather desperate one by WWE. A number of AEW talent have reacted to this on Twitter, including former WWE megastar Chris Jericho. Nevertheless, this is expected to be a healthy competition between both the shows.

Vince McMahon Takes Control of NXT

WWE vs AEW Vince vs Cody
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Vince McMahon, who is slowly phasing himself out from WWE RAW and SmackDown to focus more on the upcoming XFL, has now replaced Triple H as the incharge of WWE NXT – a show that he wants to personally monitor and run in order to fight the competition that comes from AEW! WWE vs AEW is all set to be rather exciting. Stay tuned for more!