So has it ever crossed you mind to ever get a tattoo? Like those movies scenes where people drunk get one of those embarrassing tattoos. We have our own sweet lost of the pick to show you below.

According to the study 1 out of 5 Americans have a tattoo. And 38% of adults aged 30 to 39 are sporting some permanent artwork. Also, 50% these once-proud human canvases ends up back to the tattoo removal treatment.

For some people who have an OCD about that perfect grammar these tattoos will burn a hole in your soul.

Scroll down and have a look at them!

1. “it’s is my life”

Hilarious tattoos



No regret in tattoos

3. Thenks mather for my life

Mother tattoos

4. A Love Thicker Then Blood

Love tattoos


not the right rebel

6. Can you “configure” this, please?

configured tattoos

7. Probably, all “decisions” in vain!

decesion tattoos

8. Just Give Up

Give up tattoos

9. We are speechless!

Zig zag tattoos

10. This tattoo maker is really ill

Ill tattoos

12. God might be angry now!

Angry god tattoos

13. I think all the perfection dies here

Perfect tattoos

14. Lost a lot of honour here

Death tattoos

15.  The tattoos need some “strength”!

Strengthen tattoos

16. Something’s not right!

Something written wrong

17. Good quote but the bad spell.

Good quote tattoo

18. Good lines but useless when you put on your clothes.

Good line

19.  One word but a bad one!

One word tattoo

20. These tattoos could turn you hot red too!

Hot tattoos

21. One mistake can turn the hopes upside down!

Hope related

22. Smiley and Smiling had different spells, bro!

No smile tatto

23. Skittles.

        24. Only God can judge me? Um no.

Haha, we know that this post has definitely made you LOL. And if it is so, do let us know in the comments section!

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