Stephen Hawking, a scientist, once conducted an intriguing experiment. He planned a celebration with food, balloons, everything. Yet he didn’t send the invitations until after the celebration was over. He achieved his goal of proving that time travel with time machine is not possible.

Time travel is really conceivable, according to NASA, but not in the manner depicted in literature and film. The following individuals will appreciate the opportunity to restart their awful day. Therefore this is wonderful news for them.

“My foot after wearing a wet boot with a hole in it for 10 hours”

“One of my friends seemed to believe using stick sunblock was a smart idea.”

“Today, I received my license in the mail.”

As the toilet lid broke, I was scrolling on my phone while waiting for the water to fill. I then threw my phone into the bath.

“Last month, my Barbecue food truck caught fire.”

“Gave my brother my car to use for the day, and as a favor, he filled it up with the incorrect fuel.”

This morning I switched on my defrost and discovered it when I returned ten minutes later.

In my residence, I tested the air for mold.

“Went to a friend’s house to use the restroom; almost had a heart attack.”

All of my photographs are now somewhat blue because I dropped my phone.

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“I requested my wife use the clippers to trim my neck. We still have a marriage, yes.

What they refer to as a “cheese” burger

Probably one of the final wasps of the season stung me in the eye at two in the morning when I was sleeping.

The tuna can “I dumped in the sink.”

My keys may have fallen when I locked my car. I revisited this.

On the seventh day of my 24-day dream tour of the UK, I’m in a boot with a fractured foot.

There’s a pothole there, I see now.

No pizza for me tonight, I suppose.

I neglected to apply sunblock to my feet.

Which hour would you pick if you could live it again and over again? Which year would you choose if you could go back in time and remain there?