Some well-known figures are firm believers in the maxim that giving is more satisfying than receiving, as the saying goes. These generous celebrities always make sure to remember to give back to society and pay it forward, despite the fact that they have extra packed schedules and an endless supply of distractions. They make it their mission to make other people happy, and the fact that they do so has only increased our affection for them. This could take the form of an impromptu act of generosity or a carefully orchestrated surprise.

Hiptoro is of the opinion that random acts of generosity are what really define what it means to be human. We’re going to tell you about ten famous people who wanted to use their status to make the world a better and warmer place.


Dwayne Johnson

It would appear that the Hollywood star is not merely a hero in the films that he stars in. The Rock once took it upon himself to brighten the holiday season for a struggling single parent with two children by assuring them that he would purchase all of their Christmas presents. To make things even more virtuous, Johnson and the actor John Krasinski also disclosed that they have given a donation of $5 million to a charity that gives away toys in the name of the single father. The charity distributes the toys in the name of the single dad.


Johnny Depp

The famous actor from Hollywood once threw a party for 15 guests at one of his go-to restaurants in Chicago, and he tipped the staff a total of $4,000 on a bill of $4,400. It goes without saying that the fortunate waiter was overjoyed, and he praised the actor by saying that he is “a very soft-spoken guy who is very charming and sweet.” He then added ’’when I waited on him, he didn’t like to be too fussed over and was not in any way demanding.”

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Colin Farrell

The actor, who is now 46 years old, once spent $2,100 on a shopping spree with a homeless man whose name was “Stress.” Then, in order for him to get a room and get off the streets, he gave him $830 in cash as the first and last month’s rent money for the room. It wasn’t the first time that Farrell assisted “Stress,” either. In point of fact, the celebrity had first come into contact with the person living on the streets four years earlier. At that time, he had assisted the man in claiming a prize worth two thousand dollars by accompanying him to a radio show. The host of the show had offered money to anyone who could bring the actor to their studio.


Lady Gaga

The singer, who is 36 years old, made the decision to buy some of her fans who were waiting for her autograph outside of the store some pizza. Therefore, she placed an order for eighty cheese pizzas, which set her back $1,000 total. It was said that Gaga left an “extremely, extremely generous” tip at the pizza joint.


Chris Hemsworth

When a Hollywood A-lister left his wallet at a restaurant by accident, he was so grateful to the 17-year-old boy who found it and returned it to him that he couldn’t stop thanking him. In point of fact, the actor who played Thor was so appreciative that the entirety of the cash that had been in his wallet was still present that he decided to give the money to the young person who had returned his wallet. And if that wasn’t enough, he added what he called “a little extra.”

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Taylor Swift

The singer, who is known for her generosity and is currently 32 years old, once made the decision to give more than $30,000 to a Portuguese student so that she could attend college in the United Kingdom. Swift happened upon the student’s GoFundMe page, and she was so moved by the student’s determination and commitment that she made the decision to donate money to help the student pursue her goals.


Zac Efron

Once, the 34-year-old actor presented a devoted follower with a brand-new iPhone that retailed for $949.99. The supporter had misplaced his phone in the midst of his attempt to record a video of the celebrity for social media. The young man was overjoyed by this kind act, and he shared that, in addition to buying him a new phone, his idol invited him to come on set to meet him properly. The young man’s excitement was understandable.


Justin Bieber

The celebrity, who is 28 years old, happened to run into two of his fans who were watching his new video in an Apple store. On the spur of the moment, he decided that he wanted to do something to thank them and make their day even more memorable. Therefore, he went out and purchased an iPhone for each of the girls, one in pink and one in green. He also purchased one in yellow for himself before giving the girls a high-five and assuring them that he loved them.

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Kylie Jenner

During the course of a television show, the young celebrity gave a mother and daughter a donation of $200,000 in an effort to help alleviate some of their financial struggles. The daughter, who was 22 years old at the time, had quit college to assist in providing financial support for her mother. Kylie’s generous donation would enable her to pay off her student loans and resume her education.


Keanu Reeves

Keanu has a reputation for having an extremely generous heart and giving a lot to those in need. This kind of act is added to a very long list of other acts of kindness that have already been done. A longtime janitor named Randolph Gregory worked for the actor, and he once bought him his own store.

After that, Mr. Randolph posted the following on his Facebook page: ’’I have been working as a janitor for the past 7 years, wiping the floor every day, and breaking my back to feed my family until I met Keanu Reeves 5 days ago at the restaurant where I work in St. Louis, and now I’m a shop owner thanks to him.”


Do you believe that the more money we have, the more we will want to share it with those around us?