Nikki Bella gets back to Ronda Rousey

When it comes to showing someone their right place, Nikki Bella is an expert at it. She is going off


Robert De Niro upset with President Trump’s behavior

Robert De Niro is not so happy with President Trump and the GOP. At the premiere of “The Alec Baldwin

Hiptoro Outliers

Microsoft’s Co-Founder Paul Allen Died from Cancer

The co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen, who was also an eminent leader in both philanthropy and business in the area


Trump Trade Wars setting out a big blow to the Automakers!

Automakers are taking a blow as President Donald Trump is busy putting sanctions on countries like China and Russia. Many


Sears Holding Is Bankrupt! Eddie Lampert quits as CEO.

Eddie Lampert, on Monday sent a shocking email to Sears’ employees which announced his stepping down from the post of


Wall St fails to recover as Stocks dip, led by tech.

U.S stocks failed to show any improvement over the past few weeks. Trade war across the globe is making conditions

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