One Direction ex member Zayn Malik net worth

Drop dead gorgeous Zayn Malik is one of the biggest music stars of our times. We do not have any doubt about it. This music sensation was born on January 12, 1993 and was raised in Bradford. Zayn Malik is a versatile artist. He just does not sing but also does a lot of other things. One of which we are proud of is his songwriting skills.

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Paparazzi’s favourite celeb

One Direction ex member Zayn Malik net worth

Zayn Malik was always a multi-talented guy who kept evolving his craft with time. He rose to fame after his stint in X Factor. This British singer is a hot favourite of paparazzi. This is why he is always in news especially for his music career and relationships with women. Paparazzi are crazy about him. Whatever he does becomes news. For example, he was in news recently for his hairstyle and body tattoos.

His Instagram pictures went viral for his looks. Keeping all that aside now, we move to an even more interesting fact. We are always curious to know how much celebrities make, especially if they are as young as our Zayn Malik. So let us find out how much is his net worth. Here we go.

Net worth of Zayn Malik

Companies House filed in its report that the net worth of Zayn Malik is £50 million. It is an impressive amount at the age of just 26 years.

He got fame as one of the members of the band called One Direction. He earned enough money out of his solo career as a singer and modelling assignments.

Zayn is one of the most important members of the band. Forbes in its report said that Zayn Malik is the highest earning boy of the famous band. According to the report, the boy was then making around $130 million.

A report by The Times states that this British singer’s net worth is around $49 million. On the contrary, The Sun reported his net worth to be somewhere around $69 million.