Is YouTube Down? Users Complain of Slow Buffering and Broken Search Results


    Is YouTube Down? A massive number of visitors to the popular video streaming platform have begun asking each other this question. Given that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and one of the most frequently used websites/apps – users began to panic when YouTube went down.

    Let us take a closer look at why is YouTube down and the problems that the users were facing when it went down.

    Is YouTube Down Social Media

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    Why is YouTube Down?

    YouTube is down because of the massive server load. Given that all websites run on servers and sometimes due to excessive traffic, servers cannot handle the load – websites go down. YouTube is also down because of the same reason.

    Some users began to panic and even claimed that hackers are attacking YouTube. Others took a dig at Google saying the company forgot to pay the server bills! However, the streaming giant is down only because of a high server load and it will be back up soon.

    Is YouTube Down Users Complain

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    Users Face Problems as YouTube Goes Down

    As users ask each other if YouTube is down, they also complain of a number of other things.

    • Some users have pointed out that the search feature is broken and that they are unable to look up their favourite videos online.
    • Other users have pointed out that buffering is painfully slow even on their high-speed internet connections.
    • There also seems to be an issue with uploading content on YouTube as a number of users were unable to upload their videos.
    Is YouTube Down Users Complains on Twitter

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    Here are some reactions from Twitter:

    @herrin_grace said: Is @youtube down? I’m not getting any recommended videos on PC or mobile. No autoplay either. Help

    @TRGPodcast tweeted: I have no clue what’s going on. Is #YouTube down too?

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