YouTube launches its live-streaming TV – “Finally, TV made for you”. The launch by YouTube was done nationwide this year on January 23, 2019.

With this big revelation by YouTube, comes a vehemence of happiness to all those who were thinking of cutting the cord of their old traditional cable TV.

As many people are planning to ditch the same old subscription of their expensive cable connections (but had minimal options to go with), YouTube TV has come as a hankering for them.

YouTube TV: Channels and Rates

YouTube TV offers a live-streaming TV with some of the best channels and on very like very cheaper rates.

With just a mere amount of $40 YouTube TV has launched their live-streaming TV services in 95% new U.S. markets and to cover a total of 195 regions or a total of 98% of the U.S. household, announced the company in a blog post lately.

YouTube TV: A New Definition TV
Channels that are available on YouTube TV
Source: HD Reporter

It is very similar to Sling TV and others, but, it has completely changed the concept of traditional cable TV.

Instead of one being yoked to pay those huge yearly contractual plans amount for their cable connections YouTube. The TV came up with the concept of monthly payments for internet TV streaming services.

YouTube TV also gives you the freedom of choosing the channels you actually want to watch rather than taking the burden of those unwanted channels that you never wished to watch.

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YouTube TV includes live-streaming of major 60 networks like ABC, CNN, and FOX along with some local affiliate coverage, premium networks like Starz.

It doesn’t end here, YouTube TV has also announced lately that they are going to start airing turner channels like – TNT, Cartoon Network, TruTV and many more.
Also, they are offering an additional monthly charge and an Unlimited Cloud DVR Recording. Now that sounds amazing!

YouTube TV: What’s more?

YouTube TV also ameliorates the payment options. As in, pay whenever you
wish, cancel whenever you want and pay for only those channels you wish to watch live-streaming.

YouTube TV - A new definition to TV viewer
YouTube TV by YouTube
Source: WSJ

Additionally, there are multiple “add-on packages” with more channels but at a higher cost.

A New definition to DVR

It’s the 21st century, everyone has a busy schedule however there also remains an urge to binge watch their favorite T.V shows.

Everyone nowadays wants to save time even while watching their favorite shows either by skipping through the commercials or pause or rewind their show mid-way. Do you think all these are possible with a DVR?

Therefore, YouTube TV brings out a “CLOUD DVR” wherein the
viewers can actually either pause or rewind their shows and can skip through the unwanted commercials too.

YouTube TV users get unlimited cloud DVR space however bare in mind that whatever is recorded, will stay for only 9 months post which gets auto-deleted.

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With all these eye-popping features, YouTube TV will offer 6 accounts per household. Every member shall get their own logins, recommendations, and DVR.

YouTube TV - A new definition to TV viewer
YouTube TV brings out a “CLOUD DVR” Source: EnGadget

For which platforms is YouTube TV available?

You can watch YouTube TV on your phone, laptop or on your tablet. It also supports some TVs inclusive of some other devices like – AppleTV, some Samsung and LG TVs, Google Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, Xbox One etc.

YouTube TV - A new definition to TV viewer
YouTube launches live streaming TV
Source: YouTube

Are there any drawbacks attached to it?

YouTube TV offers internet live-streaming of more than 60 channels nationwide with a cheaper rate. This is especially with sports channels. But, it also comes with some serious drawbacks.

The services offered by YouTube TV are typically cheaper than those traditional cables or satellite services. However, people aren’t signing up in droves.

Google tends to target those who have actually never used a cable or satellite TV, so for them to cough out $40 to watch all their favorite shows online could be a hard sell.

YouTube TV features plenty of live sports channels and staples like ESPN and some more famous broadcast networks, but scantiness on some key networks such as comedy central, PBS, etc.

And it will be only available in a handful of major U.S. cities because of the broadcast and media rights are still stuck in the 20th century.

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Source: The Digital TrendsUSA Today

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