Younger is returning with its next season, Younger Season 6 and fans will witness a lot of changes. TV Land has made an announcement that the show will begin from 12 June. Earlier, the show was supposed to be shifted to Paramount Network, but TV Land decided to retain the show.

Younger is the only original scripted series on the network TV Land. A video featuring the show’s main cast including Hillary Duff (Kelsey Peters) and Sutton Foster (Liza Miller) confirmed the release date of Younger Season 6.

Younger Season 6 release date
Credits: The Cheat Sheet

The fans will get to see several changes this time. Kelsey is now the head of Millennial Print with many new responsibilities. The new publisher will have to go through some challenges which will test her abilities. She may even end up firing someone as we can conclude after watching the trailer.

Will Kelsey comfortably go ahead with such decisions?

Liza will also experience a different life with Charles after he quits his job and confessed his love in the final episode of the previous season. There were some hints about the growing pains in their relationship in Younger Season 6.

Liza won’t give up so easily. She would fight for it. The same was confirmed by creator Darren Star.

Younger Season 6 release date
Credits: TV Line

Meanwhile, a roller coaster will turn Josh’s life upside down. He will soon find out about Claire’s pregnancy. On the other hand, Maggie will convince him to take a paternity test.

The fans can also expect a musical episode as many cast members have a theatre background, not to forget that Duff started off as a pop star. Younger Season 6 has a lot in store for its fans and we are all excited for the show to air.

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