Younger Season 6 Spoilers, Cast and Updates

After Younger Season 5 ended, a lot of fans were concerned that what would happen next in Younger Season 6. The wait for the next season is getting harder now. Season 5 ended on an anxious note for Liza and Charles. They don’t know what will be there future together now. This came as a big blow to their fans as well.

Here you will get to know everything about the upcoming season of Younger. When will the show release? Who will be in the cast? What to expect in the new season? And every other question that is going on in your mind.

Younger Season 6 Spoilers, Cast and Updates

When will Younger Season 6 release and where to watch?

Younger Season 6 will be released on a new network. According to sources, the show will move to Variety from TV Land. The previous seasons of Younger usually aired around June. So this season is also expected to release during that time only. The show will be shifted to Thursday nights, instead of its previous schedule.

What to expect from Younger Season 6?

According to Foster (Liza), the fans will get to see Charles a lot this season. The consequences of the decisions that were made earlier will be revealed this season. Foster said,

Are we going to see Charles in the townhouse in his boxer shorts hanging out in his pajamas while Liza goes to work? How is that dynamic going to affect their relationship? It’ll be interesting.


Younger Season 6

According to Star, Younger Season 6 will have very different dynamics. It contains a lot of suspense for the audience.

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