After his peculiar habit was documented on camera, a baseball fan found himself the target of an internet joke.

While watching the Yankees vs. Mets game, the New York Yankees fan was caught on camera using a very peculiar drinking technique.

The man can be seen coring his hot dog with a straw in a clip of the incident that Instagram user Nicholas Heller, or New York Nico, posted online. As if this weren’t bizarre enough, the man then uses his hot dog as a real straw, inserting it into his beer cup and sucking it until the meaty center of the plastic straw is gone.

Photographer Heller is known for capturing unusual and fascinating scenes in and around the city.

He posted the video of the unknown Yankee along with the dumbfounded caption: “Wtf is going on at baseball games this year?”

Unsurprisingly, the internet quickly weighed in on the peculiar situation. Many individuals made it quite obvious that they disapproved of the drinking strategy.

“Good morning to everyone except for the guy that drank his beer with a hot dog straw last night,” one person tweeted. Another wrote: “I don’t normally get grossed out by dumb s*** ppl do. But that one vid of the man at the Yankees game using a hotdog as a straw. Like… why are y’all like this.”

“Who drinks beer with a straw?? Wasting a good hot dog,” a third chimed in.

Some even made the joke that the man should be imprisoned since they believed the hot dog straw was so obscene.

“Life sentence. No parole,” one person tweeted. A second wrote: “Arrest this man.”

Others, however, jumped to the Yankee fan’s defense, emphasizing how horrible it must be to be caught on tape acting strangely – and joking that perhaps the combination wasn’t that bad after all.

“My heart goes out to hot dog straw guy, my biggest fear is going viral for being weird at a baseball game,” one person wrote. Another tweeted: “If you don’t stand with hot dog straw guy then we can’t be friends. Life is about living, drinking beers out of a hot dog is exactly that.”

“Man is out here testing the limits of your reality and the internet won’t leave him alone. I put peanut butter on a grilled chicken breast and it think it tastes amazing. Let the man use his hot dog straw,” added a third.