Xbox Series X vs Sony PS5: Leaked Render Accusing PlayStation to Copy Xbox Design is a Hoax

    Xbox Series X vs Sony PS5 Leaked Design Render Accusing PlayStation to Copy Xbox is a Hoax

    Xbox Series X gaming console from Microsoft was unveiled at the Game Awards 2019 by Xbox Boss Phil Spencer. Even though it was a powerful machine loaded with cool new features, its unusual design became the center of attention and everyone started to make fun of it. The Xbox Series X faced heavy criticism and then one of the leaked images revealed that even the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 feature a similar design.

    Fans and gamers started to troll the design of Xbox Series X and compared it with household items such as refrigerator, cabinet, wardrobe, toaster, public ashtray, a trash can, and so much more. But when Sony PS5 was said to have a similar design, it created a lot of controversies and later the user clarified that it was just a joke and the whole accusations of design copy was a hoax to save the Xbox X from criticism.

    Sony PS5 Design Leak Copying Xbox Series X was a Joke

    Sony PS5 Design Leak Copying Xbox Series X was a Joke

    Sony PlayStation 5 designs have been leaked so many times and every time it looks different. It simply means all of them are fan content and Sony is yet to reveal how their 5th gen gaming console will look like.

    A Twitter user named ZhugeEX first shared an image that accused Sony PS5 to use a similar design as the Xbox Series X when everyone was making fun of the latter’s double door refrigerator design. But when the whole issue got out of hand, ZhugeEX clarified that he was just joking and added a fridge next to the Xbox Series X and called it PS5.

    Sony PS5 and PS5 Pro Details

    Sony PS5 and PS5 Pro Details

    Sony PlayStation 5 design is yet unknown and we have no idea how will it look like. The only confirmed information is a 2020 holiday release date for PS5 which will be the same time when Xbox Series X comes out. Sony Interactive Entertainment head of Engineering Masayasu has hinted in a recent interview that Sony is also working on the rehash model of the PS5 and it will be known as Sony PlayStation 5 Pro. The plan is to release PS5 in 2020 and PS5 Pro after 3 to 4 years in around 2024.


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