X-men Dark Phoenix

X-men: Dark Phoenix finally released in theaters this weekend after so many delays and re-shoots. While the X-men franchise has one of the most inconsistent movies, where some are highly rated while others are a mess. The mutants are always trying to find their place in the earth along with humans, but somehow there is always a conflict. Dark Phoenix was the second time X-men movies tried to implement the Phoenix storyline.

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The last stand was such a mess that they had to reboot the entire timeline. While this movie also focused on a young Jean Gray played by Sophie Turner, even she couldn’t save the movie. Many of the fans are wondering if there will be another X-men sequel and does Dark Phoenix have a post-credits scene?

X-men: Dark Phoenix Post Credits

X-men Dark Phoenix

Many of the previous X-men movies had featured a post-credits scene to tease the upcoming sequel. Days of Future Past had a post-credits scene where Apocalypse was shown at the end. While the end of X-men: Apocalypse had a scene after the credits about Weapon X and Essex Corp. It brings us the to the question of any footage after the credits of X-men Dark Phoenix. Well apparently the answer is a big no, the credits roll down and the X-men movie just ends with all those crew members names.

Will there be any Sequels?

X-men Dark Phoenix

The only thing we can infer from the absence of a post-credits scene is that there might be no sequel to X-men: Dark Phoenix. To be honest, there were a lot of future X-men movies in works, but due to Disney buying Fox, everything is put on a hold. There are reports that Disney might totally reboot the X-men franchise and start from a scratch. So, the possibility for an X-men Dark Phoenix sequel is very low, unless we count New Mutants as a sequel.