The undertaker retirement match summerslam

The Undertaker’s name has become synonymous with the WWE over the past 30 years. For a man who has given the better portion of his life to the company, it appears that there is no stopping for the deadman. Calls for ‘Taker’s retirement have been around since as early as the early 2000s when he donned the American Badass persona. However, 20 years later, he continues to dig holes and collect souls.

The undertaker retiring at summerslam 2019 WWE
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Will The Deadman Wrestle at SummerSlam 2019?

As of this writing there is no match in place for The Undertaker at the upcoming WWE SummerSlam 2019 event. However, there has been a buzz that Triple H is going to face off against the deadman one more time. Now this match hasn’t been announced or hyped, but when it comes to such big names, do you really need ‘hype’?

The undertaker retire summerslam
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The primary reason why Taker vs HHH might happen once again is that WWE needs to fill seats in the arenas! Audiences have been thinning down and viewership numbers have been falling for the WWE. This is the reason why a match between these two legends might just draw people towards the event!

Is SummerSlam 2019 Undertaker’s Last SummerSlam?

The undertaker retiring at summerslam
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The Undertaker realizes that he is well beyond 50 now and doesn’t have much fuel left in his tank. However, SummerSlam 2019 might not be his last stand as he is expected to wrestle his final match at Survivor Series 2020, which will mark 30 years of his career – and would be the stage where he finally rests in peace.