Undertaker vs Sting WWE 2019

Undertaker vs Sting is the match that we always wanted but one that we never got. While we got to see Sting wrestle Triple H and even Seth Rollins, we never really got to see the Stinger take on the deadman in what could have been the greatest moment in WWE history! However, it looks like there’s still a chance for this to happen.

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Undertaker vs Sting WWE Match
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WWE has been teasing this on social media for a while now, and their latest set of tweets have teased this really hard. Will The Undertaker really face off against Sting? Let’s find out:

Undertaker vs Sting in 2019: Is It Still Possible?

Undertaker vs Sting WWE
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The Undertaker has been among WWE’s biggest and most prominent names for three decades. Sting, on the other hand, has been the same for TNA and WCW. However, now that both the men are in the same company – can they still go at it?

The Undertaker has been back in action for some time now and looks like he wants one final run. Who better to cap off this incredible career than Sting!? The only question right now is – whether Sting is willing to return and risk aggravating his injuries for this Undertaker vs Sting match?

Is WWE Just Messing Around With The Fans?

Undertaker vs Sting WWE Wrestlemania
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In all probability, WWE is just messing around. The company has shown in it in the past that they like to tease a lot of stuff but not really get it all rolling. Hence, until you see something really happening, don’t assume that Undertaker vs Sting is going to happen! This is most likely WWE just trying to grab your eyeballs (and your clicks!)