WWE Raw Preview Brock Lesnar Undertaker

WWE Raw for Monday, the 3rd of June, is all set to be one of the most exciting episodes of the show in recent memory. Given that the past few weeks have been absolutely abysmal, the possibility of a Lesnar cash-in and the return of The Undertaker are going to make it an exciting episode to watch.

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The Undertaker on RAW
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Let us take a closer look at this and analyze both the events in detail:

WWE Raw Preview: Is Brock Lesnar Going to Cash-In?

Brock Lesnar is undoubtedly the biggest name in WWE right now, and there is no way that he is going to cash in on a random episode of Monday Night Raw. While WWE has hyped the show around the cash-in, it is likely that he will do it at a later date and as a surprise. 

WWE RAW Brock Lesnar Paul Heyman
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Today, it is likely that the Lesnar cash-in will be interrupted by someone who Lesnar may enter in a program with, or it will be Paul Heyman just coming out and telling the crowd that his client will do it at a time when he pleases and against who he wants.

The Undertaker’s Return: What to Expect?

WWE Raw Undertaker Return
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The Undertaker returns to WWE Raw after a long hiatus – and given his age and schedule this might as well be the last time ever that we get to see the deadman on Raw. However, with regards to what to expect from him – The Undertaker is most likely going to issue a threat to Bill Goldberg, who he is facing at the Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia. Stay tuned with us for more details!