WWE Baron Corbin king of the ring 2019

WWE’s King of the Ring tournament is back after four years – and in just a few hours from now, a new King will be crowned! This is quite an exciting tournament and this year – it was even more special given the talent that took part. While the final two are Chad Gable and Baron Corbin, it will be interesting to see how things go from here on. The final match will take place this Sunday at WWE Clash of the Champions 2019

King of the Ring 2019 Clash of Champions WWE
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Let us take a closer look at WWE King of the Ring 2019 finals and see who is going to win the tournament.

WWE King of the Ring Finals: Who Wins?

The finals of this year’s King of the Ring is expected to be won by Baron Corbin, who will evolve from Constable Corbin to King Corbin here. However, this is the plan so far. WWE loves to pull off swerves and might just make Chad Gable the new king – and thereby make him an instant star!

Baron Corbin Winner King of the Ring 2019
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What could also payoff is the fact that Gable is being bullied by the locker room for being short – and a win here could help him prove that height doesn’t matter and he’s a great wrestler indeed. Nevertheless, Baron Corbin also has a good chance of winning WWE King of the Ring 2019 finals because he has been a favorite of the company and has main evented 5 times this year!

Who Should Have Won King of the Ring 2019

Chad Gable King of the Ring 2019 Finals
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While Corbin or Gable are going to win it, there are a host of other stars who would have made good kings such as Ricochet who went in the indies under the name ‘King Ricochet’ and Samoa Joe, who could have finally redeemed his character after a host of losses. A Kevin Owens return, too, is on the cards Nevertheless, it has been a good tournament this year!