King of the Ring 2019 Winner Kevin Owens

WWE’s King of the Ring 2019 tournament gives the fans a number of reasons to celebrate! It is the return of the much-loved tournament after almost four years and it is also expected that whoever wins this tournament will be ‘pushed to the moon’. In the 90s, winning KOTR was a huge deal and it made instant stars like Bret Hart, Owen Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin!

King of the Ring 2019

It looks like WWE is looking forward to making use of this tournament to give a push to one of their wrestlers and make him a fan favorite! Let us take a closer look at what the plan is. We also hear there’s a big surprise in plans!

Who is Expected to Win WWE King of the Ring 2019?

Currently, there are a number of contenders who could possibly win it. Andrade has a good chance – not only is he a great wrestler but is also loved by everyone backstage and is dating Charlotte Flair, Ric Flair’s daughter. This already makes him a wrestling royalty!

King of the Ring 2019 Andrade
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In addition to Andrade, WWE can also make Ricochet win the tournament (remember how he was called KING Richochet in the indies?). Sadly, there’s also Baron Corbin, who WWE likes to push for no reason. However, there’s another name which we have been made to forget!

Huge Surprise: Kevin Owens to Return to the Tournament?

King of the Ring 2019 Kevin Owens
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Kevin Owens – while him winning the tournament is up for question, he will certainly do some shenanigans which will help give him a major push. Be it a victory in the finals where he is somehow a participant – or be it assaulting whoever becomes the king. KO isn’t going to lay low!