WWE King of the Ring Prediction: Elias, Andrade, Ricochet, Baron Corbin and Kevin Owens

    WWE King of the Ring results Elias Andrade Ricochet Baron Corbin Kevin Owens

    WWE has finally brought back the iconic King of the Ring tournament and it has gotten a large number of fans really excited. There was a huge demand for this to be back – and now that it finally is, let us take a closer look at who is expected to be crowned the King at the end of it.

    WWE King of the Ring

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    Having defeated Kevin Owens in his first match of the tournament, it would be interesting to see if Elias actually becomes the winner. It would give his character an immense boost and it would allow him to brag about it in his songs too. King Elias has quite a regal ring to it too!

    WWE King of the Ring Andrade Cien Almas

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    One of the strongest contenders to win the WWE King of the Ring 2019 tournament, Andrade – who is currently dating Charlotte Flair ‘The Queen’, is a great wrestler who has had quite a few good matches of late! Him winning the tournament would help him gain fans too!


    Formerly known in the indies as ‘King Ricochet’ – he is a natural choice to win this – or at least reach the finals. One of the best and most athletic of wrestlers in the WWE roster today, it would be a matter of shame if King Ricochet doesn’t reach the finals!

    Baron Corbin
    WWE King of the Ring 2019

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    Given WWE’s love for handing Baron Corbin some of their top prizes and main event opportunities because of his ability to draw genuine boos from the audience, there’s a good chance Constable Corbin might be getting promoted to King Corbin soon!

    Kevin Owens

    While he is officially out of the tournament, WWE might just pull off a swerve and have him win the tournament. Or he might come out at the end of the WWE King of the Ring and absolutely maul whoever wins the tournament.


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