We all make mistakes from time to time. But sometimes, people are really sure that they are right. We found some comics courtesy of r/ConfidentlyIncorrect.


1. This person thinks it will cost 37 million.


2. This person’s age logic though.


3. This person is confident of having the right number.


4. This person thought Pearl Harbor was about China.


5. According to this person, Boston is located in New York.


6. This person thinks that solar panels don’t work in the winter.


7. This person believes that IPA is only for beer.


8. England isn’t European is what this person thinks.


9. This person confused Joe Exotic with Trump.


10. This person wasn’t aware of the second definition of Claustrophobic.


11. This person thought that fiscally was a typo.


12. This person thinks “to” is “two”.


13. Accept is “except” for this person.


14. This person thinks that radio frequencies cause infection.


15. This person thinks that the radiation coming out of cell phones is harmful.


16. This person just brought up three false claims.


17. This person thought that Starbucks wasn’t hiring people who are veterans.


18. This person thought that cheese is produced by killing cows.


19. This person totally to forgot to multiply the percentage by 100.


20. This person attempted to cancel Brian.


21. For this person, “should have” is “should of”.


22. This person thought of making a meme.


23. This person for real isn’t aware of the term Cisgender.


24. Dry ice is liquid Nitrogen for this person.


25. According to this person, the Coronavirus cannot be seen.