Your application has been accepted for an interview. It’s time to do your homework, put on some nice clothes, and face to face with your potential employer. But you never know something worse could happen.

A few days ago, a user on the social media site described a ridiculous experience she had with a recruitment company, and it gave people the courage to tell their own stories. Check out some of the most popular replies to the question, “Do you think sexual harassment is ok?”


1. What goes around, comes around.



2. This is definitely a crime.


3. If only they’d not keep it a secret.


4. This should be against the law.


5. That’s just illegal.


6. Yeah, don’t work for such people.


7. Is this wage theft?


8. Was the job to supervise or torture?


9. Definitely a pass.

10. Who would’ve known it was a Bazaar?


11. Should’ve invoiced them for time.


12. Very strange.





14. One wouldn’t have been there if they didn’t want the job.


15. Why even work at such a place?


16. Proper example of harassment.


17. Lesson learned well.




19. Gotta walk at the speed of light to achieve an hour’s worth.


20. Very shocking.


21. A statement worth stealing.


22. Clearly an idiot.


23. At least someone cared.


24. It’s not a job. It’s slavery.


25. Needed the “interview” experience.


26. Did the interviewer expect the candidate to read the future through a crystal ball?