Everyone has heard the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers”.

Not these people. Some moments are awkward, rude, and cringy. They all have the same thing. They have the choosiest, pickiest prerequisites on top of that. Is entitlement much?

All posts are from the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars.


1. Some entitled person reviewing a coffee outlet.


2. Woman paying unfairly is threatened to be reported to her manager.


3. Managing an Instagram account for no money.


4. Poor bargaining skills.


5. Man desired very specific groceries in his list to help him cope with his mental health crisis.


6. This person wants the item to be dropped off for free.


7. This buyer acts snarky and wanted $40 off on the original price.


8. The audacity of this person to ask for a Nintendo DS and free shipping.


9. A house listing requires tenants to vacate the property every day for six hours.


10. Fridge buyer receives an ice-cold response.


11. Asking for a bike having specific qualities, that too for free.


12. A Redditor uploads a post stating that his guests bailed on him for dinner at his place.


13. A person asks for a free Nintendo Switch.


14. This person is angry because no one would send money to their cash app.


15. Asking to buy the equipment yourself.


16. An NHL player donated to charity but someone said it isn’t enough.