'World of Warcraft Classic' release date news
The super popular multiplayer online role-playing videogame developed by Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft, is now getting a renewal with the release of WoW Classic this summer.

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WoW Classic Beta goes down for maintenance

The Beta program for the new Word of Warcraft game is currently ongoing, a lot of players are playing the beta game and are giving the developer bug reports.
Gamers are eagerly waiting for the game; the project is set to retain all the fundamental assets and stories. The new Classic game is expected to be an enhanced version of the original game.
World of Warcraft Classic release date
The primary World of Warcraft game is a bit slow in nature; the newer game is more of a modern mix of speed and playability. The Classic game will be an open-world fantasy MMORPG
As of now, the WoW Classic beta is closed and is under maintenance after this, and the game will feature an increased level cap from 30 to 40.
Community manager Kaivax announced the same on Blizzard forums:
The WoW Classic closed beta down for maintenance and we will increase the level cap from 30 to 40. This will allow testers to level up in zones such as Stranglethorn Vale, Desolace, and Arathi Highlands (among others). At the same time, Warsong Gulch will close.
The company has also declared the return of the Arathi Basin. Blizzard has also reduced the cost to respect, which is useful in resetting the stats and skills of players.

WoW: Classic New Content?

Kaivax announced that Blizzard would release the game’s content in installments. The content will roll out in six different stages.
Heres the full timeline.
WoW Classic New Content

WoW Classic Release Date And Price

As long as you have to game’s subscription, the new game is free for you if not, then it is $15/month. WoW: Classic is cataloged for a Summer 2019 release.