Two future soulmates get to know each other through a dating. It can be awkward, uncomfortable, and downright cringeworthy.

Everyone knows what it’s like to have a bad first date. Women on the internet share how men ruined their first date in weird ways.


Even dogs don’t kiss in a sloppy manner.

“At the end of a date, when this guy had walked me to my building, we stood out front for a moment and he slowly came in for what I thought would be a kiss. Instead, he ended up grabbing my face and licking my cheek.” – Reddit u/digitelle


Never mention your ex.

The guy she (Redditor clean__underwear) was seeing wouldn’t shut up about his divorce on their first date. He spent half an hour talking about how horrible his ex-wife was.


When did they even start handing out membership cards?

“He told me that he belonged to a swingers sex club that met once a month. He even showed me his membership card. There was no second date because he kept comparing me to the girls he [expletive] the week before.” – Reddit u/xisha47x


Make sure to take things slow.

No one is a prude by any means. Redditor wingsformarie7 decided it was time to move on after her date gave her a key to his house after only one date.


What good could’ve possibly come out of that?

“I went on a date a few weeks ago and he gave me a ride home, but he took me on a detour to show me his ex’s house. Pleased to say that was the only date he got from me.” – Reddit u/SantagetoutClause


Not enough Scooby snacks in the world.

One time Redditor smalltwngrl was on a first date with a guy who spoke in a cartoon voice. They were out together for the entire time.


Be funny or I’m out.

“I made a nerdy joke that didn’t quite land. He looked at me and said, ‘That was lame. You’re lame. Be funny, or I’m leaving.’ Uhhh, OK.” – Reddit u/lindseymarieee


Fellas, you need to stop mansplaining your dates

HenryAlbusNibbler said that they once had a man explain to them why women wear makeup. This guy sounds like Jordan.


What are you doing down there?

“I had a guy try to make me lie to him and tell him that girls don’t poop because he said it ‘ruined his time down there,'” Reddit user hannahjuettner said.


I think I’m good.

Lydious was out on a date with a guy who got up from the table to answer a phone call. He explained that he was talking to a female co-worker who needed him for therapy.


He should’ve waited till the second date.

“On the first date, I had a guy who asked how easily I conceived and if I could still have children. I’m 32 and have a daughter from my first marriage.” – Reddit u/coffeeshake


What do you mean you don’t believe in women’s rights?

“We went for a walk downtown and walked by a women’s rights monument and he told me he didn’t believe in it. I asked, ‘You don’t believe in women’s rights?’ and he said women were ruining this country.” – Buzzfeed Community/aylasmithx9


Good day, mate!

firfetir said that her date kept trying to do an Australian accent. He told her that he didn’t like her hair and then asked if he could touch it.


It’s better to keep religion off the table.

The guy Redditor sparklingsatine was going on a date with was a Mormon. He asked if she’d be willing to convert to Mormonism a few hours before they were due to meet.


What rules?

“He kept talking about ‘the rules’ and how I was violating them. Rules like topics of conversation, letting him open a door, what time I scheduled the date, etc. WTF are these rules?” – Reddit u/Magicthighs42