Some people stay silent when they see oppression in the world, wondering what they can do about it. Stand up and say something. These are the women who spotted sexism in the world and called it out. These people would not let injustice stand.

Check out the women who refused to stay silent in the face of sexism, if you have a hat tip.


1. Great Observation.


2. The Reality Of Nature.


3. Crank Up The Heat.


4. I Wonder Why.


5. Opening A Jar.


6. I Have A Name.


7. Rappers Today.


8. We sometimes cry when we’re sad.


9. Guys…


10. If You Read Comics…


11. Correctile Dysfunction.


12. The Reason We’re All Burned Out.


13. Bunnies.


14. Gamers.


15. Last Names.


16. Men’s Issues.


17. Market Value.


18. New Favorite TV Show.


19. Fellas Raging.


20. Deep, Dramatic Storyline.


21. Smiley Faces.


22. The Most Hated Character.