A lot of people don’t understand that not everything needs to happen the way they are used to.

Whether we’re talking about setting boundaries for family members, asking others to show us the same consideration we show them, or simply existing in an unconventional living situation, it seems that somebody out there is ready to judge us. The more trivial it is, the more it gets under their skin.

It’s a lot harder to deal with this lack of understanding when it’s coming from the people we live with, and this makes for a funny story about a weird encounter.


We’re going to hear from a woman who lives with her parents due to a lack of housing in her area.

She explained in a post that she gets home at 7:30 am and sleeps until 3 pm.


Her family doesn’t understand or respect this arrangement as they keep waking her up at 11 am so she can spend more time with them.

She gets about three to four hours of sleep a night.


As the woman put it, “I get it, but I’m available to spend time with them in the afternoon. I don’t see why it has to be midday?”

The woman put a lock on her door because she didn’t have enough sleep or energy to work her shifts.

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Her family responded by playing loud music to wake her and call her.

She put her phone on do not disturb mode and started wearing earplugs.


The clash within her family came to a head when her parents locked her bedroom door and her younger brother came to say he misses her.

They didn’t like how she told them that she still needed to sleep.

In her words, “Dad started raising his voice about how I’m barely even a part of the family anymore.”

She yelled back that she can’t function during her shifts with these interruptions and that it was not like she was unemployed and staying up all night for the fun of it.


Her parents haven’t spoken to her since, so she’s wondering if she was in the wrong.

It was baffling how unwilling her family was to understand what they were doing to her.

This led one user to make a popular suggestion: “You should go into their rooms in the middle of the night and wake them up because you ‘want to spend time with family and see how much they like that.”

Another suggested having a serious sit-down with her parents and asking pointed questions like how much sleep they expect her to get every day and why they’re going to such passive-aggressive lengths.