A woman who says she married a rag doll says that after a year, their relationship is “hanging by a thread” and that her doll husband has been cheating on her all this time.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes and Ragdoll Marcelo were going to celebrate their one-year anniversary, but she was heartbroken when a friend saw him sneaking into a motel with another woman.

And now they sleep in different rooms.

Devastated Meirivone said:

I found out through a friend who told me that she saw Marcelo entering a motel with another woman while I was hospitalised for three nights and three days with Marcelinho, our son, who had a virus.

At first, I thought she was lying, but then I started looking through his phone and I saw the conversations, which made me sure he was cheating. He kept denying everything and said he loves me very much, as well as asking for forgiveness and crying a lot.

The argument was ugly and scared [our son] who was crying, so I shouted to him: ‘Do you see what you’ve done?’ I asked him who the woman was and he didn’t respond.

She thought about kicking cheating Marcelo out of the house at first, but for the sake of her children, Carol and Diego, and their “baby” Marcelo, she agreed to let him stay.

She added:

I wanted to put him out of the house but our baby is growing up and at this stage, he would miss his father a lot. Also, the love I feel for him made me forgive – not completely – but I don’t think I could live without my husband.

I need to talk with him, so he can decide once and for all that he doesn’t cheat anymore and if he does one more time, I won’t forgive him.