According to the Mirror, a Russian influencer who made headlines after leaving her husband for her stepson is now expecting their second kid.

Popular Russian weight loss influencer Marina Balmasheva has been oddly candid about her unconventional relationship with Vladimir Shavyrin, who is also her stepson.

In fact, her cheeky Instagram bio says the following: “She made her ex’s first wife a grandmother and her ex-mother-in-law a great-grandmother.”

The 37-year-old mother reared Shavyrin, 23 when he was seven years old when she wed his father, Alexey, and the two already have a daughter, according to the Mirror.

With Balmasheva’s death, Alexey, 47, is now responsible for raising the five children they adopted together.

Since he had never even had a girlfriend before they began their clandestine romance, he naturally feels bad about how their relationship turned out and thinks his ex-wife seduced their son.

Balmasheva disagrees, claiming that after her stepson returned from college, she fell in love with him.

In any event, according to Alexey, Balmasheva, and Shavyrin even shared a bed while he was home. He claimed that she would leave the room they shared to have sex with Shavyrin in his bed when he went to bed.

Balmasheva divorced Alexey in order to be with her stepson after discovering she was pregnant with Shavyrin’s child.

Olga, the couple’s first child, was born in Krasnodar and weighed 8 pounds. Now, Balmasheva has joyfully informed her 618,000 Instagram fans that she is expecting their second child.

The mom-of-Instagram one’s profile claims that Balmasheva became well-known as a weight loss influencer after disclosing her experience shedding over 100 pounds.

Balmasheva has acknowledged that she frequently gets criticism for the way she looks. She claims that because her husband is so young, she’s been advised to start wearing cosmetics.

She, however, is adamant that her spouse adores her without conditions and that it was her character that captured his heart.

However, it’s interesting to note that Balmasheva claimed she insisted on a prenuptial agreement in the event that her second marriage also ended in divorce.