Texas Woman At 7-Eleven Spits On Counter After Being Told To Wear A Face Mask

From the very first day when the use of a face mask in public places was made mandatory, we are getting to know new mask-related stories every day. However, the compulsory use of masks was imposed, just to protect the residents from the spread of deadly coronavirus. But, it seems like people are not very happy with it. And thus, a Texas woman spitted on the counter after the cashier asked her to wear a mask.

Texas woman reacts angrily for not wearing a mask

The above incident took place at the 7-Eleven Store in Fort Worth, Texas. A female shopper was speaking with the cashier. The cashier was behind a plastic partition. The Texas woman wanted to purchase a can of beer. However, the cashier denied selling the can to the lady as she wasn’t wearing a face mask.

7-Eleven Store, Texas

Although, the seller suggested her to buy the face mask from their outlet itself. And then he would sell the can of beer. But, this left the woman in anger. She proceeded to launch into a verbal tirade full of profanity while another shopper caught everything on camera. The clerk showed her a sign that was put on the door. The sign requested all the customers to wear a mask. But instead, this led her angrier than before. And thus, she threw something over the counter toward the employee, and spit. “There you go”, she remarked.

Texas Woman spits on the cashier

We believe that exhibiting such behavior at a public place is just disgusting. Wearing a mask is for one’s good. So we would recommend you not to act angrily in such situations. What are your views? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Here’s the video: