A lady has used social media to expose the embarrassing time a restaurant enforced a dress rule on her.

The TikToker, who uses the handle @slayraslaye on the platform, said in a brief clip that the personnel at the posh restaurant had forced her to cover up with a scarf because they were outraged by her dress.

The worst part was that they forced her to wear a restaurant-issue scarf rather than her own.

The 23-year-old is seen in the video secretly recording herself when she is seated at the table. She has a scarf covering her shoulders, which she pulls aside to reveal the attire she was wearing when she arrived: a low-cut green crop top and pants.

“When you get dresscoded at an upscale restaurant,” she wrote in overlay text on the video, which she shared with an accompanying soundtrack of a female voice singing: “Here comes the w****”.

She provided more details about the scarf’s origin in the caption. “Yes this scarf belongs to the restaurant…I didn’t know these were the vibes,” she wrote.

Viewers were divided by the video, which has received over 715,000 views. Many individuals expressed their fury in the comments section and jumped to TikToker’s defense.

“This enrages me,” one wrote, adding: “Sorry angel you look UNREAL.” Another agreed, commenting: “Mortifying. You did not deserve that and the outfit is FINE.”

“The thing is if you were flat chested they 100% wouldn’t have had a problem. big-chested women are constantly being objectified it’s so gross,” a third pointed out, while a fourth chimed in: “People are too comfortable policing women’s bodies.”

Others, however, supported the restaurant, claiming that they had the right to enforce a dress code if customers weren’t dressed in an “acceptable” manner.

“Why is everybody so uninformed and mad about this. Dress codes are used in high-class restaurants to keep a certain level of prestige and class,” one person commented.

“Why is everybody so upset about a dresscode? If I go to a fancy restaurant I wouldn’t want the other guest look like they’re at the club,” another wrote.

“You look gorgeous but no formal restaurant would allow that top,” added a third.