A woman was excited to share the video of her proposal on TikTok, but as soon as it went live, online trolls started attacking her.

When Sukhmin Garcha, 27, asked her partner Shiraz Brar, 27, to marry her in July, she turned the story around.

The soon-to-be bride was excited to share the video of the special moment and the news of her engagement online, but she wasn’t ready for the sexist comments that followed.

“I was always open to proposing. I was pretty nervous about it at first. I wanted to find the right moment to do it,” Garcha told Caters News Agency.

She said that when she proposed, her boyfriend had “the biggest smile on his face” and that her friends and family were “really happy and supportive.” However, some women online did not share the excitement about her decision.

“I received plenty of negative comments [on TikTok],” she recounted. “A lot of them were ‘I would rather die’ or ‘she has no self-respect,’ ‘He doesn’t look happy’ and the list goes on.”

“A lot of the hate came from females which was very surprising. It was interesting to see how men supported woman proposing,” she said.

Garcha tells other women that if they feel like they are ready to take their relationship to the next level, they should get down on one knee and propose. Despite what other people might think.

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“Honestly, I would say just do it! If the both of you are on the same level of investment in the relationship, it’s a no-brainer,” she said.

“Just because not a lot of people haven’t done it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. These are just outdated gender roles made by the society,” Garcha explained. “We’re the new generation, and we can definitely build a new society where gender roles don’t exist.”

After the video went viral, Garcha took a moment to explain that the couple had already decided to get engaged and that Brar had planned his proposal months in advance, but that she “just wanted to do something nice.” Garcha gave her reason after millions of people had seen the video.

Brar said that he was grateful for the gift and that he was lucky to be with the “most amazing woman ever.”

Even though many women took the time to say they didn’t like how the roles were switched, others said they liked it. Several men said they wished someone would ask them to marry them.

“In our society, we always want equality, but because of cultural bias, there is always resistance,” Garcha said.

“I genuinely believe we need to break through these norms and live life to its full potential. In a world where there is so much negativity, we should opt to spread kindness and love.”